Why is my candle not burning properly?

Why doesn't my candle burn properly ?

There are several reasons why your candle may not burn properly.  Please check the following:

  • Is your wick trimmed to the correct length?  Always follow the caution instructions label on the bottom of the container.
  • Do you have your candle in a safe area?  You should not burn your candle near a window or a draft.  The flame will not react properly with the breeze. DO NOT place a glass candle jar on a glass table.
  • My wick keeps going out.  Sometimes a wick may have been sized incorrectly.  If the wick is too small for the size of candle, you will have a problem with the candle fire extinguishing.
  • The wick may also be too large, which causes the candle to produce too much wax and the candle will keep going out.
  • Bad wicks. On occasion, there are bad wicks. 

Please check with your manufacturer if you are having problems.  Kavon Kandles will replace any defective candles with the return of the original candle.