Highly Scented Candles

Highly Scented Candles

Highly scented, hand-poured 
container candles and aroma beads

Our highly scented candles are hand-poured and carefully 
cured with the utmost care.  Our candles 
are made with top notch container blended wax and soy. 
We specialize in creating the best quality, affordable candles.  
Highly scented candles and scented aroma beads 
make great wedding and shower gifts and favors. 
Add the scented aroma beads and 
scented candles to your gift basket.  

Our highly scented candles are hand-poured and made 
with high quality (animal-free) petroleum wax with a soy mixture, 
lead-free wicks and top quality, uncut fragrance oils 
and or essential oils.  
Our scented candles, burn evenly, down to the bottom of the jar. 
(Please remember to read safety label 
and keep your wicks trimmed for the safest and longest burn time!)

Our candles have an aroma without even burning the candle.  
Just open the lid.  For 
longer burn time

and safer environment, place your candle on a warmer.  
See the FAQ on estimated burn time
Candle warmers work great for areas 
that are not allowed to use an open flame.  
No flame, no danger in forgetting to blow it out. 

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